Sunday, December 2, 2007

December's Here,with thoughts of Jesus,Children,Family ,Friends and Santa!

Happy Jesus Birthday time friends!

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Ilove the month of December,it signals time of renewal to me.The holiday season where everyone seems a little kinder and younger.Just something in the air nearing Christmas.No matter what religion you are ,if ANy,It brings out something special in most of us.It makes us look at others and wonder how they are ,we look at the news a little different.Well most anyway.
When the robins arrive each year ,it signals winter is truely here in the south.They came in last week in full force.The yard is full of them and this year they have chosen to roost in the tree line in the backyard again.I am so pleased with that.The tree's are alive with movement of the Robins,the air is filled with their songs.It amazes me when i see them all coming in at once.They know when to fly and they know when to stop.
If only we could all be led by God like that.Be open to the inner prompting of the spirit of our father.We would know when to act and when to stay absoulutely still...
So many problems would be totally avoided ,so many accomplishments.We could all take care of each other and this world would be a very different place.
This time of the year reminds us,in case we have overlooked it lately,That a savior came down from Heaven,to become like you and me,to save us.In the process he was human,like you and me,but remained perfect.He loved us enough to share and take on all our pains and sorrows,and be killed(by imperfect people like us) so we would not spiritually have too.That the earthly death would be the only one we ever felt!That is awesome when you think about it.When we die,our spirit goes somewhere..just the way it is.I am glad to know that mine will be with The Father,because Jesus will stand beside me on that day ,Because i believe in him and i love him. I am by far a perfect person,but Jesus died for me.That causes me to try and better myself,to be a little kinder,more forgiving,more giving ,more loving.I can never be the man Jesus was on this earth,But i can try and walk closer and closer ..In the process he can and will change me .I am thankful Jesus loved me and you that much.
I think on my loved ones that have died during the holidays and i miss them more sometimes.Expecially my grandparents.They taught me how to love the lord,family,manners,morals and so very much more.Grandma taught me prayer and positive attitude no matter what was coming and what i may face.They left me a great no amount of money could ever buy..They left me an enduring love and i am certain my grandma's prayers cover me still!


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I hope you had a very merry Christmas!