Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What can one person do? ------Murder,so what? prolife


by Ed Vitagliano | AFA Journal News Editor

“[A]t the end of the day, the truth is that when you perform an abortion you are killing something,” said Dr. David Molloy of the Australian Medical Association.

For pro-lifers, that is a statement of the obvious. But what if you were confronted with the full horror of what that death represented – and still didn’t care? Is it possible that pro-abortionists could finally admit that abortion is murder, but then collectively shrug their shoulders?

That seems to be the case after the release of a British documentary entitled My Fetus, which aired in Britain in April, and then in Australia in August. The documentary contains footage of an unborn baby being sucked out of a mother’s womb, shows dismembered babies – one of whom is being rinsed in a sieve – and other remains being carefully put back together in order to ensure that no body parts were left in Mommy’s tummy.

The film is apparently staggering in its emotional impact. One pro-abortion journalist, Lauren Booth of the Daily Telegraph (London), who has herself had an abortion, watched the documentary and was stunned. “My hand flew to my mouth in shock,” she said. “I swallowed. I didn’t want to say it, but the word ‘murder’ came to my lips.”

There is tremendous irony involved here, however, because My Fetus was not made by pro-lifers. It is the work of pro-abortion activist and filmmaker Julia Black, daughter of Tim Black, who heads up Britain’s largest abortion provider. Black had her own abortion when she was 21.

So what was her reason for making such a film? She told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that it was to “reclaim the most powerful weapon the anti-abortion groups currently have – the fetus and the baby.” Black wanted pro-abortionists to be faced with the gruesome reality of what they were advocating – in order to better defend it. Certainly not apologize for it.

What’s truly horrifying is Black’s apparent indifference to the gruesome reality of what her film presents all too clearly. In an interview with ABC’s Tony Jones, Black said the idea of “dismembering a baby and pulling it out in pieces … is obviously horrific. But at the same time, it is easy to get caught up in that emotion.”

Later she told a newspaper, “I can take on board the emotional significance, but I still really do believe it’s my right and I don’t regret my abortion and I would never say I would never have one again.”

It’s one thing for someone to advocate abortion in ignorance of what is being done to an unborn child, or even to support abortion while refusing to look at the nature of the act. But how does one stare dismemberment in the face and simply shrug?

A similarly abhorrent attitude was expressed non-chalantly in the U.S. by another pro-abortion evangelist, Amy Richards. A feminist activist and author, an abortion rights advocate who has worked with Planned Parenthood, and a co-founder of a feminist organization that has financed abortions, Richards recounted in The New York Times Magazine how she handled the news that she was pregnant – with triplets.


What can one person do? A lot, actually.

by Don Wildmon
AFA Chairman & Founder
AFA Journal, October, 2002 edition

What can a person do to help stem the tide of moral breakdown? Here are some things that individuals can do. I hope you will get involved at whatever level you see fit.

It all begins, of course, by caring. Being concerned. Having the desire to make a difference. Without care, without concern, without any desire to make a difference for God and good with the one life you have been given, nothing can be accomplished. So, Christian activism begins with concern.

Next, get informed. Too many of us get our perspective, our news, from those who are thrilled with every traditional values brick which is removed from the wall. Know the Scriptures. Apply them to the situation. Subscribe to magazines which convey the Biblical perspective. Listen to Christian radio. Watch Christian television. Recognize that those in the secular news often have a different worldview, a different agenda, and you are the one they are trying to convince.

Spend some time praying, lifting up the condition of our country to a holy and righteous God. Ask for His guidance. Ask for His strength.

Find a good, Bible-believing church where the Word is taught and caught, where the issues are addressed and application of the Word made a part of everyday life.

Ask your pastor to speak to the issues from the pulpit, giving Biblical guidance. Encourage members to do more than simply attend the worship service. Get your Sunday School class to study the issues and act on them.

Work with other individuals and churches and groups in your local community on special projects. Cooperation is needed. It is good. While churches may not be able to agree on some theological points, surely they can agree and work together in addressing some of the basic moral issues.

We are witnessing the disintegration of two thousand years of Western Civilization. It is time – past time – for Christians to become involved. Do it for the sake of the children.

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