Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are you ready?Met Jesus yet?

Good evening all..Hope your week is going well.
At church we are still seeking a new preacher,but Thankfully one of the young men in church is i belive suppose to be a preacher and he speaks when we can't get someone.Everyone enjoys hearing him.
We discussed last week about the changes going on in the world now,Toward christianity and Jesus.It is not about religion in general anymore ,but about speaking on Jesus.In the blogs i read i see people mention more and more the reasons of that is other religions don't try and ''recruit'' you so much as christian's do.I think about that sometimes and wonder,what to do to avoid making someone feel that way.Really i don't know.There are so many people that do not understand honestly who Jesus is and others don't understand why they have to trust in Jesus?They believe in God but just feel Jesus was a teacher,not the savior they must believe in!And when faced with the conversation of that is the only way,most people resent it then as something pushed on them.No honest christian is pushing on you,they just care if you go to Heaven or not!We are suppose to love people,that is a commandment we must fllow if we truely love Jesus.He died for us,the least we can do is try and follow his excample.If we don't say anything about means we could care less if you go to hell or not!Jesus is the only one who came down here,lived,and died ONLY TO RISE AGAIN!he is not in a tomb anywhere.Nor is he a little baby.He is seated on the right side of God above!AND HE IS COMING BACK and will be too late for you then.If you wait till he gets here,you will go to hell!For eternity.
I have heard some say hell sounds mre fun than Heaven...If you think living in total darkness,being lit only by the flames of hell,only with demons than are all around you sounds like fun..Then i guess that is your choice.But it WILL NOT be fun.and you will never get out!You will also be aware that you missed will know about the people you know in Heaven and the wonderful eternal life they will be living through out eternal.YOU WILL KNOW! It will be a burning desire within you that you will never know.
I do not not wish this on anyone,ANYONE...people that have done me wrong,hurt me,took awat from me....NONE OF THEM..i wish Heaven for them.For it was not that person that done it,but satan that influenced them.Too many people are being blindidly led by the influence of sin now and don't even recognize it.They believe they are LIVING THE WAY THEY WANT TOO! No my friend you are not.We are either a slave to god or satan.THESE ARE THE ONLY CHOICES....JUST THE WAY IT IS...
you can think it is not fair,or anything else.But without God making you ,you would not even be here.
I just pray you make the right decision ...before it is too late.The days are numbered till Jesus comes back...It is getting close.....are you ready???can i help anyway?????

God bless