Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Weekend

well ,me and the boys spent the weekend together,kolby-2 and billy-5. billy was going back to other nanna's this afternoon,but he has next week off school and he wanted to stay some i will take him to othe nanna's wed. i think..i really enjoy my time with them..that is another bad thing about ''our situation'' right now,they are separated at times and it hurts them.but we keep them together as much as possible ,so they will always be close and their bond is not broken.Bily climbs to top of his tree outside now,a big milestone for
we have been talking about halloween the last few days and planning. kolby has his suit already,he is a puppy. i will get billy his this school they are having dress up day week after next and he will be ''elvis''! nanna nacy is ordering the suit.and of course picture day has come and gone so we have class pics to buy.
still no direct word from my daughter,only through people saying they have seen her. to bed for tonight...